Turnkey service

Without worries or hassles, this service is essential when you do not have the management experience or the time to supervise your site. In collaboration with general contractors, we assure you that the schedule is respected from demolitions to finish.

This is managed from A to Z by our expert team and includes 
(may vary depending on the project)
1)  Home Consultation
Assess your needs on a call within 24 hours of customer request
Home assessment +/- 2h 
2)  +/- 15 days after the signed contract
Research and design
Preliminary plan and sketch to visualize the project overview
Meeting with the client to present the overall package
3) +/- 15 days after the second meeting
Choices of materials and finishes
Choices of furniture 
Choices of lighting 
Choices of window coverings
Mood board (Inspiration, ambiance & style)
Meeting for the final presentation
4) +/- 15 days after the third meeting
Make changes to the file following the meeting
Delivery of a presentation book; including execution plans and product explanatory sheets for each execution (demolition, construction, plumbing, electricity, etc.)
Solicitation of the various trades to carry out the work
Solicit quotation from different suppliers and obtain delivery deadlines
Approval of plans and signatures
Budget approval and signatures
Select a Work Start Date
5) Throughout the entire project
Work schedule
Throughout the work, we follow the steps and orders to ensure the project meets your requirements
Direct contact with general contractor to validate construction details
Add some finishing touches to the decor, which will make you feel at home
Photograph of the project