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  • This print started with some drawings of flowers - and while I loved the look of the blooms and leaves on their own, I kept thinking of the human relationship with nature that runs through all my work. -Stephanie

    This 4 colour wallpaper was handsilkscreened, one colour at a time, by an amazing team in a US factory that's been handprinting papers since the 1960s.

    It's trimmed, unpasted, and is E84 fire rated. This wallpaper requires booking. If you or your installer don't know what booking is, please contact us and do not attempt to install this product.

    "Booking" means folding the paper onto itself for several minutes, paste-to-paste, to allow the paper to relax before applying to the wall.

    Before you order, you’ll need to do some delightful math to figure out how many rolls you’ll need:

    1. Get out your tape measure and your pencil to make notes. Or your phone. You’re not THAT old school.
    2. Plug in the numbers here: (length of your wall, in feet) x (height of your wall, in feet) = square footage. Repeat for each wall you'd like to cover.
    3. Round up your measurements before you multiply. If your wall is, say, 10.5 feet -round up to 11.
    4. Multiply the square footage by 15%. This accounts for trimming and matching the image when lining up the strips on the wall side by side.
    5. If there’s a window or some other feature on the wall you’re papering, you’ll want to subtract that square footage from your total. Measure the length x width of the window, and go ahead and subtract that number from your first total.
    6. You now have your square footage, and can order accordingly! There’s approximately 67 sq.ft per roll.

    Roll dimensions

      po / in cm / cm
    Length 30' 9.14m
    Width 27" 68.6cm
    Sq.ft per roll 67 6.2 sq.m
    Repeat distance 23" 59cm

    Please allow up to 3 weeks before shipping


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